Holiday Trilogy

HT is a 3 part musical celebration for any city or theatre group that wants to keep drama in the holidays! Ok, we know there is always holiday drama, but this is the real stuff:’) 

  • It starts with a short one act musical comedy romp through Halloween entitled…..Merry Halloween! that includes all the usual suspects, and then brings in some Dickens Carolers that help to kick the holiday season off with a shriek!  
  • Follow that with a community based choral songfest for Thanksgiving that we like to call Turkey Tunes, (and yes, contrary to popular retail belief, Thanksgiving is still a Holiday:’)
  • The third installment of the Trilogy is a traditional Christmas show _"A TV Special Holiday” that will remind your audiences of the beloved TV Christmas Specials before Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon were a Thing. Remember those? Well, if you do, you’ll love this show, and if you don’t, you can see what you missed in the storied era of the "boob tube". Not to say that we don’t love Netflix, etc.! But these specials used to draw the family together, and seemed more, uh, special somehow since everyone had to sync their schedules, gather around the TV together, and just spend time. If it was missed, no-one could stream it later on their own. Alone. 

And that togetherness is what Holiday Trilogy is all about - the Holidays are about family and friends anyway, right? With this Trilogy, your audiences can come together with family and friends 3 times during the Season for live entertainment that, while having one mystery character in common at each show, is specific to each holiday, and reminds us that the Holidays are for togetherness; and it doesn’t always have to be at the mall!


O is a spoof on an art form that is often parodied, but seldom by those who actually know opera! The parody goes much deeper than poor impersonations of opera singing, horned hats, and fat blonde women! Oh, there’s so much more where that came from….come see opera thrown under the bus by an author who’s lived the drama. You’ll be glad you did, and in better vocal shape than you’ve ever been by the time you leave the theatre. Turns out laughter is good for the voice as well as the soul! Oh, and don’t worry opera fans - there is still some great singing to be heard here, and remember - Laughter at oneself may be the best laugh of all.